SELFish + Well™ is an initiative through Scent & Fire Candle Company to raise awareness around Mental Health through curated experiences, to provide resources and information for those seeking help, and to create a community of individuals who are on a mission for mental wellness.

Through SELFish + Well™, we will provide premiere experiences and information that will align with the mental issues and needs of those in underserved and disadvantaged communities.


SELFish + Well™ is a bridge between technology and aromatherapy. Our intentions with the app is to make it easily accessible to those looking for self-care help that will fit into their daily routines. The app promotes emotional and spiritual wellness, bringing useful personal growth tools with themes like reducing stress or having a positive mindset. Tools on the app include curated music playlists, online community building, a shop portal for Scent & Fire products, and a directory of mental health professionals of color, yoga studios, and wellness centers that users can utilize and reach out to for further resources. The Beta App will be released in Spring 2021.


SELFish is The Key to Self-Love.™