Scent & Fire

Day Party


The perfect scent for Brunch & Vibes!

Our Day Party™ Scented Candle will transport you to a world of peachy paradise, with a dash of florals and a sprinkle of sandalwood to take the party to the next level.

Whether you're hitting up a rooftop party, heading out to brunch with your crew, or simply want to bring the party with you wherever you go, this scented candle is your new go-to for in-the-house vibes. 

Accompanying Playlist: Day Party on Apple Music & Spotify

Burn Time: 40-50 Hrs

  • 9 oz, Made with GMO-Free U.S Grown Soy Wax
  • Reusable Glass Jar
  • 100% unbleached and lead-free cotton wick
  • Phthalate Free Fragrance
  • Hand-Poured in small batches
  • Vegan & Clean-Burning

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