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Giving back to our community of vital, which is why we sustain a therapy fund for men, women, and children through partnerships with other mental health-focused organizations to continue our advocacy mission.

We’re currently working to fully launch our foundation, Scent To Give™, where we'll have programming and resources to fight mental illness, hygiene poverty, and social inequities in marginalized communities.

Scent To Give About

Only 35% of men and women consistently make time for self-care, and that percentage is significantly decreased within Black and Latino communities. Furthermore, Black adults in the U.S. are more likely to report persistent psychological distress than white adults, and only 1 in 3 Black adults in the U.S. who need mental health care will receive it. There are many racial disparities in health care, especially for Black patients. On top of that, mental health care is oftentimes stigmatized and looked at as a pricey privilege in Black and Brown communities. 

We're working to change this narrative. 

Through Scent To Give™, we'll raise awareness around mental health by way of curated experiences, resources and information for those seeking help, and by creating a community of individuals who are on a mission for mental wellness.