New Year, New Us

twenty twenty-three

We're introducing new sensory experiences through scent, sound, and touch. New products, packaging upgrades, and new playlists are in the works for Q1 2023.

mood-boosting self-care alternatives

Fragrances at the intersection of culture, wellness, and beauty. We manufacture highly conceptual body + home fragrances without having to sacrifice sustainability or aesthetics. Our fragrances are made to beautify environments, enhance moods, and change the traditional outlook on self-care.

beautify your environment.™

Cashmere Sweaters always add a touch of class

The Classic Cashmere Sweater is Back

Cashmere Sweater - Scent & Fire Candle Co.

The Scent of Good Vibes

Lights & Rooftop Views

Rooftop Views Scented Candle - Scent & Fire Candle Co.

Inspired by the most beautiful time of the day on the Pacific

The Golden coast golden hour

Golden Hour Scented Candle - Scent & Fire Candle Co.