Monisha Edwards, Founder & Brand Strategist

Making Self-Care + Wellness A Priority.

Scent & Fire® is a clean and inclusive fragrance label rooted in Wellness and inspired by The Culture. We manufacture functional fragrances without sacrificing sustainability, aesthetics, or cultural standards. Backed by science and sensory psychology, our fragrances are made to enhance moods, build confidence, and change the traditional outlook on self-care. 

Beautify Your Environment.™

Meet our Founder, Monisha Edwards.

She's passionate about mental health advocacy, gun violence awareness, and spinal cord injury awareness. 

As fate would have it, Monisha became her father's caregiver after he was shot and paralyzed back in 2017. During this challenging period, Monisha discovered that she suffered from depression and severe anxiety so she turned to aromatherapy healing practices to keep her anxiety under control. Inspired by her personal journey, and the last of inclusivity and representation in the luxury fragrance world, Monisha  set out to discover the science behind the psychological affects that scent has on human emotional behavior. 

Incorporating Fragrance into Your Daily Wellness Regime

We take pride in our innovative approach to fragrance and clean beauty and our sole mission is to create products that deliver multi-sensory experiences for self-care practices. Fragrance has the power to manipulate and modulate our emotions. In fact, a recent study has stated that smell catalyzes up to 75% of our daily moods, which is why we're promoting fragrance as a wellness tool predicated on the interface between sensorial gratification, wellness, and mental stimulation.

Scents are powerful. They can change your environment. They can change your mood. They can trigger beautiful memories. They can bring a sense of calm into your life.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, the nation began to implement stay-at-home orders relegating people to the confinements of their homes. I wanted to do something to lighten up the lives of those around the country through scents and sounds. I crafted an entire experience focused on relaxation and well-being with our Quarantine line of candles. These candles came with a curated music playlist that were tailored to the theme of each candle. Within 1 year, we have gone viral and landed major press features including Essence, The Today Show, Fox News, and more. Check out our Today Show feature below.