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Cacao Nectar Eau de Parfum


Cacao Nectar is an invitation to surrender to the moment, allowing yourself to be enveloped by its sumptuous embrace. It's a fragrance that evokes a sense of carefree happiness, transporting you to sunlit gardens and unforgettable moments.

At the heart of Cacao Nectar are the top notes of white apricot, green mandarin, and black currant. These fruity and fresh scents introduce a delicate and luscious opening, enhanced by a vibrant and zesty citrus sparkle, deepened by the rich, tart undertone of black currant.

The middle notes reveal the soul of the fragrance with cacao absolute, wild honey, Indian sandalwood, and neroli blossom. The warm, intoxicating chocolate aroma of cacao absolute envelops the senses, while the sweet golden richness of wild honey adds layers of depth and warmth. Indian sandalwood provides a luxurious and creamy woodiness that grounds the fragrance, and neroli blossom lends a subtle, elegant sweetness to the composition.

The base notes of smoked coconut, tonka bean, silky cashmere, vanilla bourbon, and ambrette seed create a lasting impression. Smoked coconut imparts a unique and exotic smoky, tropical allure, while tonka bean adds a sweet, creamy, and slightly spicy depth. Silky cashmere wraps you in a soft, comforting embrace, complemented by the rich and sophisticated sweetness of vanilla bourbon. Finally, ambrette seed offers a musky, slightly nutty finish that enhances the overall complexity and sensuality of the scent.

Feminine Fragrance: Enjoyed by both Men and Women, but predominately worn by Women.


  • Organic Sugarcane Alcohol Denat. 
  • Premium Phthalate-free Fragrance 

Caution: Please keep out of reach of children & pets. Avoid direct contact with furniture or open flames. Do not ingest.

  • 50 ML
  • Made with Phthalate-Free Fragrance
  • Reusable Glass Spray Bottle. 100% leak-proof.
  • Food-grade metal atomizer

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