Scent & Fire

Ultra Black


Ultra Black is a fragrance that pays homage to the richness of black culture. This enchanting scent blends the boldness of Amber and Musk, embodying the strength and resilience of the community. A dance of Violet and Iris adds a touch of elegance, while the vibrant Bergamot invokes a spirit of creativity and innovation.

Named after the legendary rapper Nas' powerful song "Ultra Black," this fragrance is a celebration of unapologetic excellence and individuality. Just as Nas' lyrics paint a vivid picture of empowerment and pride, Ultra Black captures that essence in a bottle. Immerse yourself in the artistry of scent, inspired by the resilience and style of black culture.

Accompanying Playlist: Ultra Black on Apple Music & Spotify

Burn Time: 40-50 Hrs

  • 9 oz, Made with GMO-Free U.S Grown Soy Wax
  • Reusable Glass Jar
  • 100% unbleached and lead-free cotton wick
  • Phthalate Free Fragrance
  • Hand-Poured in small batches
  • Vegan & Clean-Burning

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