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Scent For The Culture™

We manufacture genderless, functional fragrances without sacrificing sustainability, aesthetics, or cultural standards. Backed by science and sensory psychology, our fragrances are made to beautify environments, enhance moods, build confidence, and change the traditional outlook on self-care.

Introducing Cacao Nectar & Cacao Oud

Eau de parfum coming soon

Fragrance as a self-care tool

A recent study has stated that smell catalyzes up to 75% of our daily moods. Because of this, we are promoting fragrance as a wellness tool predicated on the interface between sensorial gratification, wellness, and mental stimulation.

beautify your environment.™ • scent for the culture™

Cashmere Sweaters always add a touch of class

The Classic Cashmere Sweater is Back

Cashmere Sweater - Scent & Fire Candle Co.

The Scent of Good Vibes

Lights & Rooftop Views

Rooftop Views Scented Candle - Scent & Fire Candle Co.

Inspired by the most beautiful time of the day on the Pacific

The Golden coast golden hour

Golden Hour Scented Candle - Scent & Fire Candle Co.